How long does a Brazilian wax last

Brazilian wax is basically the procedure in which women use hot wax to remove public hair in the pelvic region. This process is mainly intended for women, although lately men also started
having this procedure. How long does a Brazilian wax last? Basically it depends on how many treatments you have done. In most cases, it lasts for about two to three weeks before the hair growth back again and another session is needed.
So what is a Brazilian wax? Brazilian wax mainly involves the smearing of hot wax to the pelvic region in order to remove the public hair. It can be quit painful at times, especially if it's the first time, but it also depends on the size of hair, and the region.

How it Works
• The person who enters the room is instructed to remove his cloth and lay on the bed.
• Hair is trimmed to a correct length by the esthetician for an efficient waxing process. The waxer will first apply powder commonly known as talcum powder to the skin around and the waxing area which helps in preventing the wax from sticking to nthe skin during the process.
• She will then dip a wooden stick used for the waxing to the pot containing hot wax and smear it to the patient's hair section and part of the skin. A cloth strip is then applied over the wax while it is still hot, pressing it firmly, so that the cloth, wax and hair stick.
• When it dries, she will pull it off, in opposite direction to the hair growth, so the hair follicles are removed from the root source. When the waxing process is complete, the waxer will fold any remaining hairs and trim the redundant hair.
• She will then apply a soothing lotion over the waxed areas to complete the process. Waxing can be done every 2 to 4 weeks, but it will be much painful only in the first time.

Pros & Cons

Brazilian waxing process helps and the skin to be smooth and hair free. Now you can were any outfit, no matter how bold it is.
• It helps you get a "fresh" feeling as a lady.
• It is quite an expensive process - The process can be done only by experts, so surely it's not going to be cheap.
• Re-growth of hair can make one feel quite itchy and uncomfortable.
• One also risks infection - You can get an infection depending on the equipment used for the process.
• There is also a risk of skin damage.

Conclusion and Requirements

There is not straight answer to the question know how long does a brazilian wax last. As said previously in this article it depends on a few factors like how fast the hair grows, how many session have you taken, and what kind of wax has been used. Do not consider price as the main factor for choosing where to do the brazilian wax - it must be done by a professional, as it can have risks of damaging the skin and must be done only under very careful precautions.
In my opinion, it is not an easy procedure in any way, but it worth the pain the time and the price.



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